Hobby Farm Photo Journal - 4-22-15

Photo Collection, as I had fun taking lots of photos on 4/22:

"Andrew" from the PA Coop, with "Opal" behind him.
"Snowdrop", the pullet Daisy raised during the winter
"Snowdrop" and her sister

The grass paddocks are greening up nicely!

"Joshua" is looking nice and handsome these days, and is now the only rooster
in the "Dad's Coop" breeding group.
"Snowdrop" & "Olive" (& some of the other hens) 
think the rabbit pellets are for them, so they hop up on the
pallets and help themselves!
The ducks are enjoying being in the PA coop area, rather than the rooster's area.

This rooster is a late-bloomer, as he just came into maturity around 8 months old,
is on the small side, and is bully to the other larger roosters. He's on the "freezer camp" list,
even though I like his small comb and flashy colors. I believe he has Partridge Chantecler,
Dominique and ? in him, and he was hatched summer 2014.
 Here's some of the other "boys" in the rooster's "bachelor pad".

Now, "Bob" the Bielefelder Rooster is a gentle giant with humans and his hens.
Though he is the largest rooster I own, he's very sweet and mellow, which seems to be typical of the breed.

The only time he's ever tried to "attack me" was when I was chasing one of his Catskill Homesteader hens, trying to catch her. When I finally did, she squawked and screamed, and Bob "came out of the woodwork", and threw himself at me, feet-first & with his neck hackles fluffed up. When I put the hen down, he checked her out to make sure she was ok and warily kept his eye on me. The next few times I came into his yard, he kept his distance from me, but I could tell he was making sure I didn't hurt any of his hens again. Since that time, he's been fine, and is even ok with me touching his hens, as long as they don't make any "distressed" noises.