Matilda is a Mother!

Remember that post about Lydia's daughter Matilda & how I'd put two eggs under her that the duck had started to incubate? Well, they never hatched but I set 6 more eggs on Nov 15th. I hadn't counted out when they should be due, but this morning when I checked on Matilda, there was an empty egg shell in front of the nest. Sure enough, a little chick was underneath her. Here are the photos I took tonight:

If you look closely, the chick has feathered feet! Since it hatched from a "khaki green" egg, I presume its mother is  one of the Bielefelder "Bob" & Catskill Homesteader  "Susan" pullets ; the father would be one of the Swedish Flower Hen & bantam Millie fleur Cochin crosses. What a little cutie & hardy as one day Matilda didn't return to the right nest & I found her at night on the wrong nest. It was below freezing & all the eggs were cold, but obviously this little chick survived!

Last night moved the young Bielefelder pullets into the breeder coop as they're mostly full size and/ or already laying.
Found these beautiful eggs in the nesting box today, so at least 3 of them are laying.

Not the best photo but it was taken in the dark with an iPhone. All the turkeys happily roosting together. 

Note: posted from my iPhone, so photos aren't as "good quality" as I'd like, but considering they were all taken in the dark, I shouldn't complain!