Elly May & The Winter Chicks Update

A quick Sunday morning photo blog post. On my iPhone I took some photos of that pullet who was checking out the nesting box yesterday. 

My regular camera doesn't like the cold temperatures, so the batteries will go dead. But I found that if I carry the iPhone, I can take photos with that & at least capture the moment even if my preference is still a digital camera.
The chicks were waisting so much feed, so I used some welded wire to prevent them from scratching through the feed .
It's not pretty but it works.

Now, this chick is one of the suspected roosters - I can even see little wattles forming!

And this one looks to be a pullet; see the difference in comb size & both have single combs? 
No wattles either

The following are of this "camera hog" that has this out-stretched neck pose!

Finally, I was able to capture a precious broody hen moment with the chicks snuggled up! 

Last but not least, these chicks are busy scratching & digging through the hay pellets looking for snacks. 

They certainly are hardy little chicks & so far this winter hatch has gone better than expected!