April 2017 Photos

After my previous post that was on the "heavy" side, I thought I'd share a few photos from the end of April 2017. The first group is of the PA/DC group during their free-range time on the side lawn, while waiting for the grass paddocks to grow.

turkey hen sunbathing

Truck Cap Coop main rooster & hens

Leaves just budding out

Rooster pen - the big boy in the middle is just that. The rooster to his left is a Bielefelder cross, so also  a big rooster.
The one to the right is like 1/4  bantam cochin, 1/4 Swedish Flower Hen, 1/2 Catskill Homesteader - so he's small, but good-sized for being a "little rooster". 
Leaf Vacuum / Wood Chipper Trailer at DCHA clean-up day

The pile of leaves we got - one very full load!