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Track Loader Tuesday 2/20/18

A week ago Tuesday (2/20), it had warmed up to 60*F, and   there were multiple outdoor "farm" projects calling my name. 

First, the DC coop doors were too close to the ground and after trying to keep enough of a clearance to close the door, the stress caused the screws in the bottom hinge to come out. The solution was simple - cut off a few inches of the door, and  just put an extra boards on the inside of the coop.

 With both doors able to open again, I started cleaning the coop. 
 Four big wheelbarrow loads later, I was down to the deep litter that was still nice and "fluffy". Below, is the pile of what was cleaned out of one coop! 💩

The next step was to add more "fresh" litter. The only issue was that when we got the dump truck load of sawdust in November 2016, we didn't have a dry place to store it. So, it's gotten wet and as a result, it was almost completely frozen solid. 
So, instead of just scooping up the sawdust, I had to use the D…