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The Chance You Take When Raising Chicks in the Winter

Went to bed last night & before I fell asleep, Mom came in to tell me the electricity had just gone out. And she asked if I'd need any help with anything, such as bringing in the chicks. Usually, if the power goes out, it's only for a short time & I would have just left everyone as is. But, it was already -8*F and 4 week old chicks even with a broody hen may not survive all night without additional heat. So, out we went with out headlamps & multiple layers. I first emptied the heated water bowls & unplugged them, because without power they'd freeze solid in no time & make morning chores even more difficult.
Then, we rescued the chicks & broody hen, putting them in a plastic bin. I also grabbed Uno & Dos, the two chicks hatched by Matilda in December.  We brought them all inside, and Mom asked, "Do you have a second bin to put them in?" I confidently replied, "Oh, they'll be ok." Yes, they were "sardines" but I f…