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Real Life isn't Always Easy

This past week has been interesting. I took this week off from my "3 day per week job", so I could work on farm projects & get caught up with household stuff too. I had lots of grand plans of painting, building, moving mountains of compost, working on fences, maybe even processing roosters! Monday, the only day I worked this week was pretty nice, weather-wise. But I was pretty much gone from 8am to 8pm, due to the Andes run for food waste after work, which often ends with chatting & catching up with a friend who also saves her food scraps "for the chickens & compost".  
Tuesday was hot and humid, mixed with a scattered showers. I slept in late, so had to hustle to get things done. I had lots of food waste to empty out. Plus I wanted to take the last month's worth of "compost" that the chickens had been working through & use the Dingo to make a pile. But apparently, it was too much, too soon, not enough water or food, and I almost fainte…

Childhood Memories

We all are products of our childhood, and I wanted to share how my love for animals, gardening and ultimately, "homesteading" began. On Instagram, @atablefullinthewoods and @moderndaysoldways are hosting a #gettoknowahomesteader photo challenge for the  month of June.
Day 1 is "Introductions", so let's get started.

As a toddler we'd occasionally visit Dad at his feed store job and my highlight was holding the baby chicks & ducklings. Obviously, that imprinted me! And I loved going to zoos, especially ones with  pygmy goats that I could pet (and try to pick up)! But since our family always rented, having a farm or even "pets" wasn't an option. Therefore, my favorite childhood years was the 7 years we lived on our landlord's farm. He had a few cows, several horses, a pony/donkey, many dogs (up to 8 at one point), several barn cats and for the last year or two we lived there, a flock of chickens and two Muscovy ducks. Mom said we could e…

The Merry Month of May

This May has been incredibly busy, crazy spring season for us. Here's some highlights from the past week or so.

May 23rd, I bought 3 Pekin ducklings to grow out for meat.

When I got rid of my Muscovy flock last year, I knew at some point I'd try Pekin, since they have much faster growth rate. Even though the meat is totally different than Muscovy, I thought it'd be worth a try.

Plus, who can resist cute little ducklings?

I had bought two sets of 3 stacked cages recently, for the purpose of growing out chicks or when customers came to buy chickens, it'd be easy to separate them.

And since ducklings are notorious for being messy, I thought raising them in one of the cages would be a much cleaner alternative.

And once they're a little older, they'll go out of grass. So, don't worry, they're not going to spend their whole life in a rabbit cage!

Even though I have a trio of turkeys, for some unknown reason, I'm having a very hard time hatching their eggs…

Track Loader Tuesday 2/20/18

A week ago Tuesday (2/20), it had warmed up to 60*F, and   there were multiple outdoor "farm" projects calling my name. 

First, the DC coop doors were too close to the ground and after trying to keep enough of a clearance to close the door, the stress caused the screws in the bottom hinge to come out. The solution was simple - cut off a few inches of the door, and  just put an extra boards on the inside of the coop.

 With both doors able to open again, I started cleaning the coop. 
 Four big wheelbarrow loads later, I was down to the deep litter that was still nice and "fluffy". Below, is the pile of what was cleaned out of one coop! 💩

The next step was to add more "fresh" litter. The only issue was that when we got the dump truck load of sawdust in November 2016, we didn't have a dry place to store it. So, it's gotten wet and as a result, it was almost completely frozen solid. 
So, instead of just scooping up the sawdust, I had to use the D…