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Random Ramblings

Another "draft post" I found that I'd not published, even though I'd written it several months ago.
So, thought I'd share it anyways!

Still got quit a few CL/EE cuties from who I have gave to 2 broodies who'd hatched chicks, but I'd given them to another hen.
They decided to leave their nests the day I was planning on giving them the incubator chicks! But, they were still acting broody, like they were
going around & clucking to "invisible" chicks. When I came out with two chicks to see how they'd react, they came right over.
Separated them out from the rest of the flock, gave them a few more chicks - in the daylight, no less! And they accepted them & they're doing so well outside with the broodies.

I had two scares last night - we were coming home late last night & there was a huge black bear running down the road. My brother thinks the bear was about 300lbs, and it was less than 1/2 a mile away,
just up the ro…