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Two New Bantam "Broody" Hens

I brought home from Chickenstock two new bantam hens, who are known to go broody. The one is a pure Mille Fluer bantam Cochin, and the black one is a Silkie/Sizzle Cochin cross. They came from two different BYC'ers, but they've been in quarantine together.  They seem to be healthy and adjusting great, so the other day I moved them to one of the grass paddocks, where they're still separate but can start to transition to being with the rest of the flock.

Of course, they used the hole the other chickens had dug to dust bathe,
even though this grass paddock isn't supposed to have any holes!

Ellie's chicks

The last batch of chicks to hatch (6/11-13) were a combined effort of incubator and two broody hens, "Ellie" and "Bluebonnet", who were sitting on 14 SFH hens. Thirteen SFH chicks hatched, though one died within a day. The other Catskill Homesteader and two Bielefelder pullets hatched in the incubator were given to "Ellie". "Bluebonnet" was given more SFH eggs that were in the incubator, as the broody hens are obviously much more successful!

Ellie and her chicks have since been moved to a plastic pet crate
in the PA coop where Lydia raised her chicks.
They're not "exploring" the PA coop during the day, and once they're a
little older, perhaps when they're a week old, they can go out with the rest of the flock. Ellie's a good mother, just like she was last year when she raised two broods of chicks.

Rabbits - Photo Update

The last doe to kindle was the doe I'd purchased last year.  She was being very obstinate this year, but obviously the buck was successful one time, as she only gave birth to three kits on May 22nd, 2015. Even though it's a small litter, they are growing very fast! Here's her little cuties: This little one is black with a white "star" on its forehead and a stripe down its nose. So cute, since the rest of it is all black.
The third kit is all black:

Enjoying the "Good Life"

Wanted to share a sampling of photos of the  chickens "enjoying the good life":
Up first is a group of pullets who decided to eat the one and only set of leaves on this  poor little maple tree we tried to transplant when we moved last fall. The tree will probably be pulled out & chipped up for mulch.
Another cute Catskill Homesteader pullet, I believe she's half Swedish Flower Hen.
"Daniel" - he looks so much like "Micheal Jessie", and even though he's 2nd in command right now, he's a good sport about it!
"Rainbow" and her chicks taking an afternoon nap - two of her chicks are Swedish Flower Hens, one of which was a surprise, as I thought only one of the eggs had hatched!
The young pullets and cockerels enjoy roosting on the pallets surrounding the  compost pile, while usually preening or taking naps. A couple of the Bielefelder young cockerels resting after taking dust baths.

Rotational Grass Paddocks & Pullets

The chickens are enjoying their grass paddocks, which I rotate every 2 -3 days, and still they're in need of being mowed or eaten down by the rabbits (which we're currently experimenting with). "Daniel" - rooster in front (above photo)
"Joshua" - standing tall and handsome
"Rainbow" and her chicks exploring the outdoors after several weeks of being "cooped" up. The "PA" Coop and "Dad's Coop" groups sharing the grass paddock with the ducks.
One of the pullets - I'd love to keep her, but she's going to a great home soon. The group of other pullets that are already pre-sold and waiting to be picked up.

Paradise In Disguise Hobby Farm at Chickenstock 2015

Here's some photos of us at Chickenstock in Ava, NY:

We were very busy that day, but it was quite enjoyable! There was a 60 % - 80% chance of severe thunderstorms, but it was actually hot and sunny! An answer to prayer, once again!

It's June Already!

No, I have not "fallen off the face of the earth"! But, I have not had the time to write a blog post recently,
though it's been on my to-do list, it's not a top priority.
We had a great time on May 30th at Chickenstock  - sold about 35 chicks and 4 baby rabbits; plus swapped and bought plants (veggies & perennial flowers). I also brought home two new bantam broody hens and three bantam Cochin 5 week old chicks.
Since that time, we've been busy in between getting sick with a strong virus that won't let go! Just when we think we're getting better, I feel exhausted again & have to take several naps. As a result, the garden isn't 100% planted, though there's lots of lamb's quarters volunteering themselves. We're planning on freezing and/or juicing them, as they're good to eat, just they get too big and crowd out other "wanted" plants.
I have another batch of eggs going into lockdown today - I believe it's the 10th hat…