Enjoying the "Good Life"

Wanted to share a sampling of photos of the 
chickens "enjoying the good life":

Up first is a group of pullets who decided
to eat the one and only set of leaves on this 
poor little maple tree we tried to transplant
when we moved last fall. The tree will probably
be pulled out & chipped up for mulch.

Another cute Catskill Homesteader pullet,
I believe she's half Swedish Flower Hen.

"Daniel" - he looks so much like "Micheal Jessie",
and even though he's 2nd in command right now,
he's a good sport about it!

"Rainbow" and her chicks taking an afternoon
nap - two of her chicks are Swedish Flower Hens,
one of which was a surprise, as I thought only
one of the eggs had hatched!

The young pullets and cockerels enjoy
roosting on the pallets surrounding the 
compost pile, while usually preening or taking naps.
A couple of the Bielefelder young cockerels
resting after taking dust baths.