It's June Already!

No, I have not "fallen off the face of the earth"! But, I have not had the time to write a blog post recently,
though it's been on my to-do list, it's not a top priority.
We had a great time on May 30th at Chickenstock  - sold about 35 chicks and 4 baby rabbits; plus swapped and bought plants (veggies & perennial flowers). I also brought home two new bantam broody hens and three bantam Cochin 5 week old chicks.
Since that time, we've been busy in between getting sick with a strong virus that won't let go! Just when we think we're getting better, I feel exhausted again & have to take several naps. As a result, the garden isn't 100% planted, though there's lots of lamb's quarters volunteering themselves. We're planning on freezing and/or juicing them, as they're good to eat, just they get too big and crowd out other "wanted" plants.
I have another batch of eggs going into lockdown today - I believe it's the 10th hatch for 2015!

Well, gotta get going - my brother's off from work this week due to him also recovering from being sick. But, he's offered to help with the electric fence, since it's not been working. Though I'd love to get other things done, I won't refuse the help when it's offered.

Oh, and McDuffy wasn't a "match" for our family - so he went back to the animal shelter & was adopted a few days later. While I'll miss his sweet personality, he was very high energy and needed more attention / mental stimulation than what I could give him. As a result, McDoogle is very happy now, again being the ONLY dog!