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Elly May & The Winter Chicks Update

A quick Sunday morning photo blog post. On my iPhone I took some photos of that pullet who was checking out the nesting box yesterday. 
My regular camera doesn't like the cold temperatures, so the batteries will go dead. But I found that if I carry the iPhone, I can take photos with that & at least capture the moment even if my preference is still a digital camera. The chicks were waisting so much feed, so I used some welded wire to prevent them from scratching through the feed . It's not pretty but it works.
Now, this chick is one of the suspected roosters - I can even see little wattles forming!
And this one looks to be a pullet; see the difference in comb size & both have single combs?  No wattles either
The following are of this "camera hog" that has this out-stretched neck pose!

Finally, I was able to capture a precious broody hen moment with the chicks snuggled up! 
Last but not least, these chicks are busy scratching & digging through the hay pellets lookin…

Pretty Pullet Photos & More

As I first sat down here to write a blog post, I found myself not knowing what to write or where to begin. Perhaps it was because there's so much "uncertain" at this moment. I know what I was originally hoping to do this year - as one week ago I shared "my ideas" with the family. Then, another opportunity came up, but at this point we're not sure if it's going to work out or not. If it does, all those original "ideas" and "plans" will be changed, but hopefully for the better. I'm not going to say what that is, until I know if it's moving forward or not, which we won't know any more until next Friday.
   Through it all, the Lord is teaching me some absolutely incredible life lessons. While I'm certainly not "there yet", I'm beginning to see more clearly that "God's Got This", and I can be perfectly at peace in not knowing what's around the next bend in the road. Why should I not be? He k…

What Do These Photos Have in Common?

As I was searching for a specific photo that's one of my favorites, to make into a more simplified "logo" for my website, I found the photo's file name was "IMG_0370". So, I did a search in "My Pictures" folder, and below are the results.

The first one is the photo I was looking for originally:

A Day in the Life: Photo Journey Through Winter Chores

1/21/16 - A Day in the Life: Photographic Journey
through Winter Chores at Paradise in Disguise Hobby Farm

In the 45 days since I last posted here on my blog, winter has officially arrived.

This past week (1-17 to 1-22), it hasn't gotten above 30*F, and we've had light snow flurries on almost a daily basis. This makes daily "critter chores", as I call them, more of a challenge than in the summer months. The garden hose is frozen, so I fill up 2 water buckets in the shower. Even though I have 4 heated water bowls, they need to be topped off, plus the rooster's and main flock's water rubber dishes need to be filled. But before I can go outside, I put on snow pants, coat, gloves and/or mittens, and heavy winter boots. Because last weekend, it did get above freezing, the snow started to melt, then re-froze, coating all the high-traffic paths with ice! Therefore, I have to wear ice cleats or else I would have fallen many times. The winter mode of transport for all …