What Do These Photos Have in Common?

As I was searching for a specific photo that's one of my favorites, to make into a more simplified "logo" for my website, I found the photo's file name was "IMG_0370". So, I did a search in "My Pictures" folder, and below are the results.

The first one is the photo I was looking for originally:

"Rainbow" - one of 2014's Catskill Homesteader pullets - photo taken 1/15/15

More Catskill Homesteaders grazing on the grass paddocks - "Joshua", "Dahlia", "Lilac" & "Lavender" - photo taken 5/6/15

"Alix" - a Black Sex Link hen who went broody & raised chicks; at our previous home on a "supervised free-range" outing - photo taken 8/14/14

Now, I'm not sure where this photo was taken, but most likely it was taken by my dad on one of my parent's walks. Taken 6-23-12

Our vegetable garden freshly mulched with hay - at our previous home - taken 5-26-12

A family hike with our dog McDoogle - Taken 10/9/12
Do you know who that person is?

Isn't it strange how 6 photos with the same file name can be so different,
yet every single one has to do with being out in nature and enjoying the
incredible beauty surrounding us each and every day?

In the comments below, tell me what any common themes you see?