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April 2017 Photos

After my previous post that was on the "heavy" side, I thought I'd share a few photos from the end of April 2017. The first group is of the PA/DC group during their free-range time on the side lawn, while waiting for the grass paddocks to grow.

Season of Challenges & Changes

Season of Challenges & Changes:
Whether you are farming, raising a family or really, any human being on planet earth experiences challenges. I have had various challenges throughout my relatively short life thus far. Major changes have not been easy for me, especially when pertaining to our family. I remember the first time we had to move as a little girl, I cried and was heart-broken, not wanting to move from the only home I'd ever known. But, I adjusted and learned to enjoy each house we lived in, no matter for how long knowing that it was our family that made it a home. It was never easy to move, and that has happened 6 times, our longest time in one place being 11 years at the "log home". But this is a mere handful of times compared to my Mom who has moved 38 times in her life.     One constant remained no matter we lived, we were a family of four - my mom, dad & older brother. While there's been many times in recent years our parents went on vacation or…