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Childhood Memories

We all are products of our childhood, and I wanted to share how my love for animals, gardening and ultimately, "homesteading" began. On Instagram, @atablefullinthewoods and @moderndaysoldways are hosting a #gettoknowahomesteader photo challenge for the  month of June.
Day 1 is "Introductions", so let's get started.

As a toddler we'd occasionally visit Dad at his feed store job and my highlight was holding the baby chicks & ducklings. Obviously, that imprinted me! And I loved going to zoos, especially ones with  pygmy goats that I could pet (and try to pick up)! But since our family always rented, having a farm or even "pets" wasn't an option. Therefore, my favorite childhood years was the 7 years we lived on our landlord's farm. He had a few cows, several horses, a pony/donkey, many dogs (up to 8 at one point), several barn cats and for the last year or two we lived there, a flock of chickens and two Muscovy ducks. Mom said we could e…