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Hobby Farm Journal - 4-29-15

On April 29th, we actually finished putting up the aviary netting! It was a big job, with lots of "snags" (literally), but it's now ready for the paddock fences to be put up, so the chickens can start eating the grass.
First, we had to stretch it out, attach it to one side of the fence under the pine trees. Then, we ran into issues with the aviary netting getting caught on the Bielfelder's fencing, so we had to call in reinforcements. Photo taken my me, while on the ladder leaning up against the Biel's coop. We enlisted Jacob's & Nancy's help again, but we did not invite Gordon, who decided he needed to get his nose into everything! Thankfully, he remained on the outside of the fence! View of the future grass paddocks between the Bielefelder & Swedish Flower Hen's coops. View of the aviary looking back towards the rooster's coop, once we'd progressed enough to start pulling it taunt. See that ladder, that's where I was standing, t…

Hobby Farm Photo Journal - 4-28-15

Spring has sprung and the crocuses are blooming!

View of the edge chicken yards from the edge of Rider Hill Road. Those apple trees are the neighbor's property, we can still enjoy the view!
Mom sealing the SFH's coop roof with
Aluminium roof coating, to hopefully help with the leaks.
Two of the SFH girls dust-bathing.
Three of the Muscovy female ducks -
"Brownie", "Mocha" and one of the unnamed 2014 ducks.
We installed a gate on the deck, so we can eat in peace
without the fear for Gordon eating all our food!
Wild bird feeders replaced by hanging plants!
The dogs now have a fenced-in yard, which is
conveniently located off the back deck!

Shared from Another Blog - The Reederbunch's Pallet Coop

While search through Pinterest, I found this photo,

 which led to this blog post - Reederbunch: The Coop:

Then, I watched this video, and it was very inspiring, so I thought I'd share it with you.

It's been a "dream" to build a coop all from pallets, especially one that's on a trailer frame or wagon running gear, something like this:

or this:

or this:

Anyways, you get the idea, but if for some chance you'd like more inspiration, check out the "Chicken coops" & "Chicken Tractors & Movable Coops" boards my Pinterest page.

Spring Walk up Rider Hill Road - 4-28-15

These are a collection of the best photos I took while taking McDoogle & McDuffy for a walk up Rider Hill Road. I almost made it to the top, with a few stops along the way. What a beautiful Spring day!

Gordon, the "lovable nuisance" of the neighborhood was present on this walk as well, running up and down the road, through the woods and back to "pester" my dogs. But, even for all the "trouble" he causes, he somehow is still lovable!

Five Years Ago ...

Spring Flowers & Chicks I wanted to share with you a little walk down "memory lane" of what was going on this week 5 years ago! While it's photos of "the log home" where we lived for 11 years, it's still very appropriate as these experiences help build who I am today and what has now become "Paradise in Disguise Hobby Farm".
The first group of photos is our beautiful spring garden - 5 years ago, I believe the first year after we'd totally redone the "Ladybug" garden. What I was surprised about was that these flower photos were taken April 21, 2010, and there's fresh green grass clippings that we'd put on the garden as mulch. The trees had started to leaf out and blossom, as well. It was a sharp contrast to this year when all the trees are still bare and brown, the grass is has just recently greened up and is just getting started growing.

The next group of photos i…