Easter Hatch-A-Long Update #4

At 6:30 am on 4/1, the first egg pipped, a SFHxCH brown egg from the PA coop, and more eggs have been pipping every since. Then, at 11pm on 4/1, the chicks started to hatch, starting with a cute little chipmunk that hatched from a green egg laid by one of the CH hens in the SFH group.
Now, as I’m writing this post around 7:45am on 4/2 , there are currently 18 chicks that have already hatched, with at least that many more pipped. The white Cooler Bator holds in the humidity much better, as it’s spiked at 99%, which is enough to drown everyone! So, I went against my “rule” of “never open the incubator” to let out the extra humidity due to all the chicks hatching. It was so humid in there that the little “picture window” fogged over, then formed water droplets on it! I’ve never had that happen before, but there’s always a first! The red cooler is holding steady with its humidity, but the sponge container will need a refill soon, and I forgot to made a outside-filling hole. I just have to time it right, when there’s less of a chance of “shrink-wrapping” any of the chicks.
If I can ever get break myself away from the hatchers, I have a brooder to prepare for the older chicks, so they can move outside, so the young’ins can be inside. I also would like to clean out the duck & rooster’s coop today, and cull the one rooster who broke his leg and/or hip.