Hobby Farm Photo Journal - 4-19-15

The seeds I planted 10 days ago are starting to sprout and germinate!
It's so exciting, as this is the first time I've ever direct-sowed seeds this early in the year.
Yes, there's no guarantee we won't have more frosts or cold temps, but
I chose varieties that should be able to withstand some of that.
I believe these might be the spinach seedlings.

I love watching the little seedlings poke their heads through the ground,
and all the diverse textures in the compost/soil.

This also provided McDoogle & McDuffie an opportunity to
run free, yet stay safe within a fenced-in area. And of course,
Gordon had to visit, bark and harass them, even if it was through the fence.
Here he is checking out a log that must have been on the side hill.

The next thing I know, Gordon picks up the log and runs with it,
down Rider Hill Road, and onto the neighbor's property!
I know he loves sticks, but this was a pretty good-sized log!

The boys also had there share of "fun", especially McDoogle
who loves to dig and "hunt" after rodents. Here he has his whole
nose in a mole or vole hole & is snorting! McDuffie isn't as
much of a "hunter", which actually surprises me, since he's
supposed to be part Cairn terrier, which are great hunters.