Hobby Farm Photo Journal - 4-23-15

First up is "Rainbow" with a few of her chicks she hatched out.
When I went to feed her, she began clucking to them, and one hopped right in her food dish.
Hence why the little chick in flapping its wings and trying to get out!
It was a beautiful day - cloudy, but the sun was trying to shine.
A little chilly, but overall a nice spring day.
But, as I continued my morning "critter chores", 
all of a sudden it started to snow, which turned into 
a major "snow squall", mixed with little balls of ice/snow!
By the time I returned to the house, my coat was wet,
as it was warm enough it wasn't sticking to the ground,
but it was blowing and snowing so much, it almost was a whiteout!

Thankfully, it didn't last too long, but like we usually stay when this happens in spring:
"God is just cleaning out his storehouses of snow!"

It was the perfect day to take photos of the the just-hatched chicks,
wing-band them and get them ready for the next stage of life.

The 5th Hatch was a success! Here's some photos of the resulting chicks!
Here's 4 Bielefelder pullets
One of the Bielefelder cockerels - with two pullets in the background
More Bielefelder pullets
3 all-yellow Swedish Flower Hen chicks
3 dark Swedish Flower Hen chicks - the first of this type of coloring,
so I'd think they'd be from "Kevin".
Group shot of all the SFH chicks

This little cutie is Confetti's 1st chick! 

Here's the "mom", an adorable millie fleur bantam Cochin, who's around 3 years old:

These are a box full of Catskill Homesteader chicks: