April 18, 2012 - The Beginning of the Catskill Homesteaders!

April 18, 2012 - The Beginning of the
Catskill Homesteader Breeding Project!
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I came across these photos of 3 years ago, and the wonderful memories came flooding back. Wanted to share them with you. Do you know who that little gray chick is? It's Michael Jessie, who a year later was the father of many chicks! He is what really started the Catskill Homesteaders, even though it really began back in 2012 with him and his two siblings hatching.
The white broody hen is "Daisy", and this was her first brood.
She introduced me to the world of hatching chicks with a broody hen,
and now three years later, Daisy is still living with us here at Paradise In Disguise Hobby Farm, at the ripe old age of 4 years old!
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For a contrast and updated photo, here's one I just took of Micheal Jessie a few days ago, after his comb had healed up from frostbite.
He also molted over the winter, so he now has a little gray "facial hair", and no, it's not because he's getting old!

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