4th & 5th Hatch of 2015

Here’s the list of the 4th Hatch eggs set & #’s after candling:
7 of 7 brown CH - DC coop
7 of 8 light brown PA coop (removed one with a blood ring)
1 of 2 Bielefelder  (removed one that was infertile and/or not developing)
6 of 6 SFH
8 of 9 green CH - PA coop

Lydia also has 8 eggs, all of which I kept under her, but 2 were “iffy”; I can’t find the list of what’s under her at the moment.

Up early, as I had to sort through the eggs I’d set aside for the 5th Hatch, which totaled 128 eggs to select from. Here’s the list of the 42 I set in the Genesis 1588 around 10:00AM:
8 Bielefelder
14 SFH
3 - “Confetti” - bantam Cochin who was in the PA coop, just moved to SFH group this week
7 - “Susan” - green CH in Biel group
4 - “Lilac” or “Lavender” - large light-brown/cream CH eggs - Dad’s coop
6 - green CH eggs from PA coop, 2 khaki, 4 blue/green

Later in the early evening, I set eggs under the CH hen in Dad’s coop that’s broody;
While setting the eggs, I decided to name her “Rainbow”, as she’s very colorful & will remind me of God’s promise to never again flood the whole earth to destroy all of mankind.
She chose a “perfect” spot, as I was able to quickly staple some chicken wire to the underneath of the poop tray support frames, so she now has a separate spot. Then she’ll be all set for later on when the chicks hatch to raise them right there in the coop!
The list of her 13 eggs are:
1 - "Confetti"
1 - SFH
1 - brown DC (blk/wh barred hen) CH - laid in PA coop nesting boxes
2 - light brown DC CH- Lilac & Lavender
2 - light brown/pink PA coop CH
6 - SFH x gr CH