Hobby Farm Photo Journal - 4-21-15

Remember all those cute little chicks from the Easter Hatch-A-Long? 
Well, these chicks from the 3rd 2015 hatch have quickly 
outgrown the brooder in the "chicken room",
plus they are eating through that one chick feeder really fast!
So, I loaded them all up in two bins, and introduced them to the
older chicks (1st & 2nd 2015 Hatch) already in the shed brooder.
I didn't know how the transition would go, as there was considerable
size difference, but I think it helped that everyone was hungry, so
they were pre-occupied with feeding their face!

Yes, the younger ones were a little scared of the older ones, but
they did surprisingly well! 
Remember "Muffy"? Well, it's definitely a cockerel, and
just as out-going as he was at one week old!
I tell you, I'm learning more all the time, and this year I've noticed
that most of the rooster chicks are way more outgoing.
I'd estimate 80% of the chicks that come running when I feed them
out of my hand are little cockerels, and females hang back!

It was another a beautiful spring day, and McDoogle & McDuffie
enjoyed being outdoors for several hours.