Hobby Farm Journal - 4-29-15

On April 29th, we actually finished putting up the aviary netting!
It was a big job, with lots of "snags" (literally), but
it's now ready for the paddock fences to be put up,
so the chickens can start eating the grass.

First, we had to stretch it out, attach it to one side of the
fence under the pine trees.
Then, we ran into issues with the aviary netting getting
caught on the Bielfelder's fencing, so we had to call in
reinforcements. Photo taken my me, while on the ladder leaning
up against the Biel's coop.
We enlisted Jacob's & Nancy's help again,
but we did not invite Gordon, who decided he
needed to get his nose into everything!
Thankfully, he remained on the outside of the fence!
View of the future grass paddocks between the
Bielefelder & Swedish Flower Hen's coops.
View of the aviary looking back towards the rooster's coop,
once we'd progressed enough to start pulling it taunt.
See that ladder, that's where I was standing, trying to get
the netting up and over the Biel's coop roof.
Mission accomplished!
 The next big section was the SFH's area, which is much
larger and more unique territory, making for a more
challenging install of the aviary netting.
 We finally decided to attach it to the edge of the house roof,
then the deck railing, so no one flies up on the deck & out of the fence!
The SFH are good fliers, so I wouldn't put it past them to do such a thing.
 Stretching out the last section, as it wasn't quite tall
enough for the average person to walk underneath.
Now, it's mostly ok, as long as you don't try walking close to the 4' fence.

McDuffie enjoyed hanging out in their new dog yard,
along with McDoogle (not in picture).
I love his cute, scruffy face, though his "eyebrows" should
be trimmed a little.