Update on McDoogle's "brother"

Summary: I'm trying to not get my hopes up too high, but so far so good! 

Detailed version:
The introduction to Mom & Dad last night went pretty well.
He went right up to Dad and put his paws on his leg, and this morning Dad got down on the floor & gave loving to both of them!
I don't think he's convinced yet, but he didn't say anything about taking Eli back, but nether did I offer!

He'd been very good about not "marking" inside, except for a few times I caught him "in time".
But, when I left him for a moment with Dad & Mom, he did mark right in front of them.
I think he may have been "testing them", to see if they'd respond the same way I have.
He's still pretty calm & easy-going, yet enjoys the walks we've been taking. 

Yesterday, I had them outside on the tie-out while I was outside, and when I checked on them, Eli's leash was no longer attached to the tie out. But, he was by the front door waiting to to outside, not wondering about. 
This morning, they both unhooked their leashes, but didn't wander off! Needless to say, I'm fixing that asap! 
  Mom & I are call him "McDuff" or "McDuffie", but I think he'd answer to any name, as he's really friendly and knows "come" very well. He's not thrilled with being in a crate if left alone, but as long as I'm in the same room, he's usually quiet about it.