Ellie's chicks

The last batch of chicks to hatch (6/11-13)
were a combined effort of incubator and two broody hens,
"Ellie" and "Bluebonnet", who were sitting on 14 SFH hens.
Thirteen SFH chicks hatched, though one died within a day.
The other Catskill Homesteader and two Bielefelder pullets
hatched in the incubator were given to "Ellie".
"Bluebonnet" was given more SFH eggs that were in the incubator,
as the broody hens are obviously much more successful!

Ellie and her chicks have since been moved to a plastic pet crate
in the PA coop where Lydia raised her chicks.
They're not "exploring" the PA coop during the day, and once they're a
little older, perhaps when they're a week old, they can go out with the rest of the flock. Ellie's a good mother, just like she was last year when she raised two broods of chicks.