Update & Photos of the Turkeys!

Finally, here's some photos of the new members of
Paradise in Disguise Hobby Farm:
3 Narragansett Turkeys,
which just so happen to be two toms & one hen.
The other tom may be later traded for another hen,
but we'll see if how things play out as they continue to grow.

Now, on to the photos. The first few photos were blurry,
as they can move quite fast and I was someone new.
There was only one that the somewhat clear,
taken the evening I brought them home - 7/10/15.

Five days later, I let them out to "free range" in a large grass paddock
that the chickens hadn't been in, so it was very overgrown.
I knew they were good flyers, so I added extra netting & fencing, so there
would be less of a chance for them to escape.

Yes, that is a rabbit - who's been also "free-ranging"
inside the grass paddocks and living off all the nice,
green grass and weeds. 
The turkeys mostly wandered around, looking
things over & not foraging too much,
until a few days later.

These next 4 photos taken 7-25

They are funny, quirky birds who frequent the edges
of the fencing, and are still a little skittish of me. 

But, they're beginning to learn that I mean
food and I talk to them, so they'll often peep & chirp back.
It's extra fun, since they're right out our back door, so I can
go out on the deck & check on them multiple times a day.
Eventually, they'll have to moved to bigger "house",
but right now the rabbit cage wire covered dog crate suits them fine.

This last group of photos were taken 7-29, when I opened up a 2nd
grass paddock, since they were beginning to wear down the first one
they'd been on.

Can you find the turkey in this photo?

See, they were just hiding among all the crown vetch!
The toms' necks are really starting to turn red,
must be where the term "red necks" came from!
I'm obviously enjoying them, and this new "adventure"
of raising turkeys.