Happy Thanksgiving!

There is so much to be thankful for, that it would take more time that I'd like to spend in just one sitting to write it all down!
But, here's a few "favorite" things I'm thankful for:

The provision of a home and food,
a wonderful life that despite its trials and tribulations, there is much that makes it very enjoyable.

The abundant garden this year, including the fall crop of arugula
that's surviving the cold temps & repeated frosts.

My great parents and the special time we spent together
for my birthday, including this wonderful hike.

An especially BIG THANK YOU to My God and King who has faithfully
lead and directed me each step of the way along this journey of life.

1 Chronicles 29:11

 I'm also thankful for all that has gotten accomplished this year,
especially the delay in snowfall, because it has allowed us to get many
outdoor projects buttoned up before it was too cold.


The many pullets and yes, cockerels that have been hatched here, and
all the wonderful homes that many of them went to, and
the delightful ones that I'm blessed to be able to keep.
And the ones that provide food on our table - both meat and eggs.


Not to mention the addition of a 2nd female turkey, with the hopes of
having our own home-grown turkey dinner next year.
While those commercially raised turkeys sure are nice, big, fat & juicy,
I'm also excited to taste one that has "seen the light of day" and
had an enjoyable life foraging for some of its food.


It takes a little more faith to be thankful for the ducks, as they were "slow" in laying their eggs & hatching ducklings this year, making their processing time
fall too late in the year to be "enjoyable".
As I write this, I have yet to set a date when I must do it, yet I will be thankful
for the meat and less feed during the winter. IMG_8861

 Indeed, the compost all the critters have helped make is something to be thankful for, and the neighbor who let us rent his track loader to scoop up & make this big pile of compost.

I'd be remiss to add that I am thankful that we have wonderful landlords who
have been gracious during this whole "hobby farm" adventure.

I'm also thankful for being in a place where waking up to the sound of crowing
roosters is a pleasant sound.

Last but not least, I'm thankful for those who have met this year and bought some of our poultry (or rabbits) to help make this hobby farm more affordable to maintain.

 Also, to those few people who must be visiting my blog, as I am getting more "view" numbers. I'd be even more thankful if I knew who you were or at least said "hello" once in awhile, so I know it's a human making those "view" results increase, not just some robot!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving -
from Paradise in Disguise Hobby Farm to yours!