Mr. Tom Turkey

Turkeys are totally different than chickens - I've learned that in - one year of raising them. Nearly all winter, spring & summer, the tom turkey would "display", as in the classic fanning his tail, strutting & gobbling. But alon with that came what I thought as aggressive behavior, so naturally, I became afraid of this bird that was quite large & could inflict serious damage. Yet, like most animals, he sensed I was afraid & "proved" my fears & "challenged" me several times. I was at the point where I was seriously considering what I should do with him.
Then, one day at least a month ago, when I was carrying a bucket of fermented feed for chicks, I have him a scoop. He loved it & was distracted from following me. I continued to give him the fermented feed like he'd gotten when he was just a young poult. Soon I began to realize that his behavior wasn't aggression, he was doing what most people who raise turkeys discover: they are like puppy dogs & love to "beg"! He'd "talk" to me, follow me around & would try to peck me or the bucket of feed or water, until I have him some. 
Now, it's become a regular thing, and he's come to expect me to bring him food whenever I walk through his area! The other day, I took this video of Mr. Tom Turkey talking & making sure I knew he was waiting for his special food.