Candled Eggs Again

Woke up at 5am this morning to candle all the eggs for the 2nd hatch in the incubator; removed 4 as they were definitely clear or were too cold when I set them. But, amazingly besides 7 iffy eggs, it looks like around 44 are developing veins! A little early to be candling some, but saw veins nonetheless! So cool when you can actually see them, as later on it’s just a dark “blob”. I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the eggs that I’d marked “very cold” or “cold” were actually veining, as I half expected them not to even start. Hardy little embryos, but only time will tell if they have everything needed to actually hatch.
I’m not sure about the 1st hatch eggs, though, they don’t seem to be losing any extra moisture, and some of them haven’t finished “filling up” the egg. Granted, they have until Monday, and they may be a day or two late due to the incubator being cool the first few days. But, I’m not convinced that they’ll hatch. I hope at least some of them do, but I’ve just have to be patient and wait. I should know in 7 week, when they are supposed to be hatching or if they’re late, at least pipping. I’d love to put some of the eggs in the Cooler’Bator, but I don’t have a way to turn them except by hand. So, again, patience is needed until I set the eggs in there to (hopefully) hatch.