Change of Seasons


As I write this, I have 210 photos uploading to Flickr, many of which I hope to share on future blog posts. One week ago was my first "official" day back here at Paradise in Disguise Hobby Farm. It took awhile to get back into the swing of things. Upon returning, I realized that summer clothes were not needed, and it took me part of two days to switch from summer to winter clothes in my closet, plus go through things that I haven't used in one year.
Along with the changing of the seasons and colder weather, I've been tired lately and not wanting to get up at 5am like I have been most of the summer months. Even with going to bed earlier some days, I feel like my body wants to hibernate already! But, alas, there's no time for hibernation, but I have allowed myself to "sleep in" several mornings to 6 or 7 am. But regardless of when I finally get out of bed and start my morning with reading God's Word and spending time in His presence, there's always the animals that are patiently waiting for me to make my appearance with more food and open up their coop doors to be let outside.

We had a sneak preview of what's to come Sunday and Monday morning, with temps in the low 20's, and even a little dusting of snow Sunday morning.

Yes, and frozen water bowls, frozen garden hose, and frozen fingers too.


The turkeys weren't quite sure what the "white stuff" was, but since they're curious
they didn't seem afraid, just wondering what happened to the green grass.

With poor circulation in my hands and feet, the onset of cold temperatures requires warm boots and gloves, not to mention a hooded coat overtop my indoor "hoodie" I've been wearing as of late. The many joys of the change in seasons. In spring, when it's in the 40's we are so thankful for the "warm" temperatures, but in fall, we're shivering and have four layers of clothes on!


With the exception of McDoogle, most of the animals here don't seem to be as affected by the change in seasons and temperature. Monday morning when it was 20*, Thumper the rabbit buck with hopping around looking for any treats or greens to munch on, seemingly unaware that it was the coldest morning we've had so far this fall. Even when I let out the chickens, ducks & turkeys, they still enthusiastically came running, flying or trotting out of their nighttime quarters to enjoy their freedom. Only the smaller, younger members of the poultry club appeared to be a little chilly, but that's what makes them hardy once they grow up. Lydia's "hatchery chicks" still have a 250W heat lamp to help out Lydia in keeping them warm, since they don't have all their feathers in yet. But, they still run around in the unheated zones, returning to the heat lamp or Lydia when they need to get warmed up. Ellie's chicks are all feathered now, but they still like to get warmed by their moms, Ellie & Elly May. Until next time, have a wonderful October 20th!