Swedish Flower Hens - Highlighted in another Blog.

On September 11th, I received an e-mail regarding my Craigslist ad about Swedish Flower Hen pullets. I responded to the questions, and within 24 hours, Tobias was ready to come pick them up. I had already let everyone outside, not knowing anyone was coming on Saturday. So, I went outside & caught the pullets from which he could choose. Usually, the chickens know if I'm trying to catch them & run away, so I generally like to catch them at night, so both of us are less stressed. But, the Lord must have been there guiding my hands, as they were calmly caught without much fuss and separated in a dog crate inside one of the grass paddocks closest to the garden.
   When Tobias arrived, my brother Joel was home working on his Cub Cadet tractor, which looks like it went through WWII and "lived to tell about it". (Joel was in his tractor/vechicle repair clothes, so was not the most "presentable" either - kind of had the "red-neck/ hill-billy look"; not what I would prefer when meeting a new "customer" for the first time.) All kidding aside, Joel has put a lot of time and effort into repairing and modifying his "favorite" garden tractor, and due to some issue he has to keep the side panels off, so all the "insides" are exposed, not covered up. Hence, why it has not yet been photographed for this blog! But, it does its job to mow the lawn & haul things in the garden cart, etc.

Anyways, back to the story. After briefly meeting Joel, I introduced Tobias to Swedish Flower Hen pullets. As I had explained in the e-mails, they were small for their age since they seemed to prefer foraging over eating their specially prepared fermented chick starter, which was inside the creep feeder, so only the "chicks" could eat it. He took in the surroundings and commented on all the space we had, in comparison to his 1/16th of an acre. I said, "Well, actually, we only have about 3/4 of an acre here. The edge of the property is within a foot of the fence line, pointing to the opposite side of the grass paddocks. Those apple trees are our neighbors, though that property used to be part of this several owners ago."
I don't remember much more of the visit, except that he picked out the only two crested SFH pullets.

Fast forward ... to October 7th, when I got an e-mail letting me know he'd written about the Swedish Flower Hens on his blog:

Seed to Harvest: Swedish Flower Hen

I've had people e-mail me photos of their chicks grown up or pullets when they're older, etc, but this is the first time when some of the chickens incubated, hatched, raised here were "highlighted" in someone else's blog.
What made me laugh when I read Tobias's blog post (link below) was the word "couple" - meaning Joel & I; nope, just brother & sister - but that's not the first time it's happened. I guess it's uncommon for adult siblings to be still living at home with their parents??!! Whatever happened to the three & four generations living in the same house, helping one another one the "farm" and teaching the younger ones valuable life skills? And then they wonder why so many young people and those "up & coming" don't know how to work, only know how to play video games. Well, better not get off-track again.

Today got a notification of another post, in which I could see that the SFH pullets are now in with his adult flock. It also reminded me of all that got accomplished today here, and yet all that still needs to be done.

The Grasshopper & Ants

And since he also Blogs for Grit, there is a chance that someday there'll be a post on there about the SFH as well! Anyways, I just thought I'd share some of the excitement around here with you all!

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