8-1-15 Journal

Well, here it is August 1st already! I can't believe how fast this summer is flying by. And it probably doesn't help that I've been so busy that writing on this blog often has gone by the wayside. At least I don't have a huge following, at least there's so "official" subscribers according to Blogger.com. So, at least I'm not leaving a "crowd" of people high and dry, waiting for when I'll finally post another blog entry!
Anyways, I thought I'd just give a brief journal entry for what's been going on, starting with today, August 1st.
My alarm went off as usual at 5am, and after about 5 minutes, I rolled out of bed.
Seeing that yesterday Mom & I had worked nearly day until about 8pm on what I'm calling "re-organizing the building supplies into a usable fashion" = using the pallets, old window and scrap lumber that I have on hand to make more chicken coops. We're doing a section under the pine trees, where only a "privileged" few can see them, since they are very "rustic" aka "shack-like" structures, not intended to win any contests, but rather just to be functional. Long story short, by the time Mom & I came inside Friday evening (I'd switched days at work, so I had the day "off"), I was way too tired to do the critter's feed prep for the next day.
Therefore, when I woke up this morning, I couldn't just load the feed buckets into the wheelbarrow & head out to "animal land". I had to first strain out the fermented feed and put it in the "feeding buckets". The critter chores went pretty smooth,and thankfully, it just having stopped raining. The 2nd batch of ducklings (13 hatched by "Brownie" who's 3 yrs old) were again wandering around the otherwise empty chicken yard, as those little buggers have found a hole to escape from the duck's nighttime pen I recently "made more secure". While I was out in the garden feeding the "Garden Coop" & checking on the squash blossoms, (to see if the bees had been visiting, or if I needed to hand pollinate them - which I've been doing) ... Dad called out to say "good-bye". The 3-some were headed out to a family reunion on Mom's side, in the Western part of the state, about 5 hrs away. I opted to say home, as I had some catching-up to do, plus to be the representative of the family as a friend's "celebration of life". While we haven't known her for too many years, we were close to her sister and brother for much longer, so when we moved upstate several years ago, we couldn't help up enjoy her as well. She was always smiling, joyful to be around and made everyone feel good about themselves. She thought of others more often than herself, and was a "servant of servants", touching so many lives as she worked for decades in a restaurant and catering business in Harlem. I was surprised to see many people (though just a few compared to the total # of lives she impacted) there at the memorial service who were from the NYC/Harlem area. They all loved her dearly and she'll be missed by all.

Among the other things I did today, here's some "highlights":

  • 2 days worth of feed prep
  • mixed up over two bins full of whole grains, as I find it easier than measuring out each individual ingredient every day
  • cleaned lots of eggs for some out-of-town friend I'll be seeing tomorrow
  • threw some leftovers & some fresh zucchini squash in the crockpot for a soup/stew of sorts that I ate some tonight & have the rest for workday lunches
  • emptied the clean dishwasher, washed up other dishes & put more in the dishwasher, plus cleaned up after my "cooking" mess.
  • Showered & put on a nice blouse & skirt for the memorial service
  • Put away clean clothes & boxes of winter clothes that I'd gotten out looking for a sweater, only to discover it was still hanging up in my closet!
  • Took McDoogle for a quick walk
  • Finally, posted a blog entry!
It's now almost time to put the critters "to bed", as it's 8:30, and almost dark.
I'd hoped to work more on the building project or get my budget done, but I also wasn't expecting to be away from home for 4 1/2 hours. Oh, well, those things will wait for me.