Garden Photo Journal #3

The vegetable and flower garden - based off the Back to Eden gardening method, which uses wood mulch (some visible in the 1st photo), plus some "companion planting" and intensive gardening. Basically, the majority of the 5ft wide garden beds and 3 ft wide walkways are mulched, and plants are closely spaced to shade the soil & conserve moisture. We also don't pull all the "weeds", as some are beneficial, some are edible and some help provide shade for the cool-season plants that are still growing. 

Baby butternut squash, carrots & beets, with red clover.

"bush" beans that are turned out to be pole beans, Husdon Valley Seed Library "Breed Your Own Squash" project, cosmos, clover, carrots, turnips, beets, etc

(L)Amaranth, basil, Swiss chard, carrots, clover; 
(R) "chicken forage bed" - planted with amaranth, oats, wheat, sunflowers, vetch, etc - I'll harvest later, so they can get some green "forage", the seed heads, and the rest will be turned into compost.

Amaranth with lettuce growing underneath; 
lamb's quarter, lettuce, clover, catnip, etc

(L)bolted lettuce (which we let go to seed, as this lettuce we transplanted from our previous garden, as it's self-sown for several years = very hardy & productive), garlic, self-sown (transplanted) kale, cucumbers
(R) broccoli, garlic, spaghetti squash from the other bed trailing over, catnip
One of the most beautiful broccoli heads we've grown in years!
Small red cabbage plant - both growing among the garlic, which is almost ready
to harvest.
Yarrow - attracts beneficials ... yellow zucchini squash - super productive, though unfortunately it's a hybrid, but it was free seed from a few years ago.
Brandywine tomato plant with yarrow at its feet
"Busy homemaker" pole beans - from our locally adapted seed we saved, an offshoot version of Baker Creek's "Lazy Wife" pole beans

Cabbage, lamb's quarter, clover, carrots; beautiful frilly loose-leaf lettuce

Kale, broccoli (direct sowed in April), buckwheat, clover, pansies;
"volunteer" amaranth going to seed

New type of purple kale; Rhubarb Swiss chard & kale

How does your garden grow this year?

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