Garden Photo Journal

This was one of the last beds to be sown with lettuce, kale, beets or Swiss Chard. And no, I prob. won't thin them, as they're doing just fine "intensively" planted.

This one isn't of the garden, but every morning when I go into the chicken yard,
there are lots of spider webs covered in dew, hanging from the aviary netting. They're very cool to look at, but sometimes I don't see them & walk face-first into them. Not a pleasant feeling, but at least I don't mind spiders, just not crawling on me!

Garden overview shots:
Cabbage, dill & arugula 
Mother Stallard Pole Beans
Female squash blossom
Mammoth Dill plant
Another "spontanious" sunflower growing among the squash
& some red Russian kale
The 1st sunflower to open, though it's the shortest one. 
Parsley flowering (over-wintered in the ground with lots of wood mulch,
after being dug up & transplanted in November!)
Pink phlox in the background

More photos to come ...