Chick Hatching Diary #3

Woke up Sunday morning (3/15) at 5 am to two more chicks, both of which are from brown CH eggs laid by hens in the Bielefelder breeding group.
The 12th chick (wing band # 4951) is light yellow with a single comb; most likely the chick of the FR/DOM x RS hen.
The 13th chick (4952)  is a beautiful golden yellow with a faint headspot and single comb.

Around 9:30am, two more hatched:
The 14th chick from a green CH egg laid by one of the PA coop girls; I’m pretty sure it’s there, as the shell was empty, but I haven’t seen it yet. Maybe I’m mistaken, but that empty shell looked fresh & wet, and I heard more loud peeping. It may just be hiding, or if it’s identical to the others, I may have seen it but not realized it. I’ll have to wait until it’s time to remove the chicks from the hatcher to know if #14 really exists or now! (Update: #14 is a silvery gray chick, very light, where it almost looks white; a very unique color! It has a rose comb & muff. (wb # 4953) I’d say it’s probably one of Daniel’s chicks, but I also have some rose-combed hens.)

#15 I do know exists, as I’ve seen it moving around lots of times, despite it’s area only being partially visable. It’s a black chick with a large white headspot. (4954)
The 16th chick (4955) is also black and white, came from the PA coop group, has a rose comb, but no headspot.
#17 - (4956) black with a little white, small comb; hatched from PA coop light brown egg (who I thought was laid by the SFH x CH pullet, but now I’m not sure)
#18 (4957) yellow/tan, faint chipmunk stripes, headspot, single comb - hatched from Biel x CH brown egg
It wasn’t until the evening that another chick hatched:
#19 (4958)a “plain” golden chick, single comb from Biel x CH brown egg