The eggs are pipping!

Last night before bed, I was checking in with fellow "peeps" (BYC term of endearment for fellow chicken raisers) who have also set eggs to hatch at the same time. This first "test hatch" is part of a small Friday the 13th Hatch a Long, so it's fun to check in with others & see how their eggs are progressing.

I don't have any chicks yet, but just a few seconds ago, I heard loud peeping coming from the hatcher. 
I woke up at 3:30am from a dream about chicks hatching again - and found the one that has pipped on the wrong end had pipped a short line & was trying to push off a "big chunk" of the shell!
I looked and there was another pip. I managed to get back in bed until 5, then up for good. I guess the peeping has encouraged others, as when I just looked a few minutes ago, I had a total of 4 that have pipped! No, make that 5 - all 3 of the green eggs that are in the "cage" together have pipped. 
Yesterday, I just brought in the brooder, cleaned it up a little & set it up in the storage room. I'm using grass pellets (similar to wood pellets, but made from hay) for litter this time, as I've used wood pellets for several years now. Yesterday, also made a run into town to pick up shavings & a bag of chick starter - fresh off the delivery truck that day from a local feed mill! I might start fermenting it tonight, we'll see how things have progressed by the time I get home from work.