Easter Hatch-A-Long Update #3

After I wrote the blog post on Tuesday, I “attacked” my room, and while doing that, Mom suggested to adjust the metal shelving units, so I could put the Cooler Bators on the, so I’d have more room. It was an easy but noisy job, using a hammer to raise up those metal shelves, but now that it’s all done, I’m glad I did it. Makes it much neater, and I don’t have to bend over to check on the status of temperature, humidity, eggs pipping, chicks, etc. Later that evening, I finally transferred all the eggs for the Easter Hatch-A-Long to the two Cooler Bators, and the 4th batch of eggs back into the Genesis 1588 incubator.

These are the numbers of what went to “lockdown”: 89 total eggs out of 93 set!
40 in the new white Cooler Bator :
19  (of 21 set) brown Catskill Homesteader eggs - Dad’s Coop (one “iffy”)
16 (of 17 set) green CH eggs - PA coop
5 (of 6 set) small brown CH eggs - PA coop

49 in the red Cooler Bator:
8 of 8 SFH - some I wasn’t sure if they’d quit late, but wanted to give them all a chance
11 of 11 Bielefelder
8 of 8 - green CH eggs - SFH coop
5 of 5 - brown CH eggs - Biel coop
6 of 6 - green CH eggs (all laid by “Susan”) - Biel coop
7 of 9 - medium-sided light brown CH eggs (laid by SFHxCH pullet?) - PA coop

4 of 4 - large light brown CH eggs - PA coop;
Some of these eggs may be from the black & white barred hen who’s in the Dad’s coop group, but jumps the fence to lay her egg in the PA nesting boxes! I witnessed her doing this one day, put up an extra piece of fencing, but she still got through. I’ve seen her several times since then in the PA wooden nesting boxes, but she’s always back in with the Dad’s coop group during the day & at night when roosting! So, there’s no telling who the rooster “dad” could be, but since she just goes over to the PA group side to lay her egg, it’s probably still one of the DC rooster.
(Update 4/2 @ 7am: so far, out of three eggs that have hatched, one is black/yellow, has a headspot & single comb = classic barred chick markings; the other one is mostly black with a little yellow on its wing tips & belly, a small comb. And none of the hens or roosters in the PA group are the classic black & white barred; The third that just hatched is a “chipmunk” with a rose comb.)