Easter Hatch-A-Long - 3rd 2015 Hatch

I did set eggs for the Easter Hatch-a-long on 3/12 around 1:30pm, but later at 2:45 switched out some of the eggs, so they "cooled off" while doing that.
I don't know how many eggs I collected for the hatch, but probably somewhere around 9 - 10 dozen!
Unfortunately, I only have a Genesis 1588 incubater and one Cooler Bator that was already full of eggs in lockdown.
So, I double-stacked the auto-turner again, plus added a few to hand turn along the two of the edges.
So far the auto-turner is doing better than the last double-stack hatch, as the rubber band around the motor/turner arm is keeping everything in place!

I honestly don't know exactly how many eggs I have in there, but it's really full!
I originally counted 93 eggs, but when I swapped out eggs, I'm not sure if it was an "equal exchange".
Candling is going to be interesting, though the Cooler Bator is almost empty, just a few late hatchers who are gaining strength.
Perhaps after I clean it out, I can put the extra eggs after candling them in there, if I can quickly make a manual "quick" turner for the eggs.

What breeds did I set?

11 Bielefelder
7 Swedish Flower Hen

6 Bielefelder x "Susan" - Catskill Homesteader (only one who lays green eggs in that group)
5 Bielefelder x CH (brown eggs)
4 SFH x CH (green eggs)
4 SFH x CH (khaki eggs)
9 CH - laid by 2014 SFH x CH pullet (cream egg)
6 CH - sm/med light brown eggs from the same hen in the PA Coop, but not sure "who it is"

The rest are Catskill Homesteader green or brown eggs, from either the "PA Coop" and "Dad's Coop", and those are the ones I've "lost count" with.
I will post of photo (sometime), as I haven't downloaded photos from the camera recently.

It'll be fun to see how this hatch does.

And yes, I already have several people waiting for these chicks, but I'll always take more "back-ups", as sometimes people back out at the last minute.
And guess what? I already have an idea for the setting the incubator again after this Easter Hatch-A-Long.
But, I have to wait to reveal any details until they are finalized! So stay tuned!