Rainbow's chicks are growing like weeds!

Photos are always wonderful to share, so here's a small collection, reflecting on September's hobby farm happy moments.


Remember "Rainbow" who had a hatch of chicks this spring around April 22nd, and this photo of them once they went outside?
Well, later this summer, "Rainbow" hatched another batch of chicks & the last hatch from the incubator she adopted on July 22nd.
Time has passed, and they're no longer "chicks". They look like miniature chickens.
A few weeks ago, they looked like this:


They change so fast! Ten days ago, they looked like this:


Last night, we moved them to the PA coop, as they'd been sleeping in the small
Bielefeler coop, but they were quickly outgrowing it. Plus, they insisted on roosting
on the outside of the coop & we had to catch them every night.
Hopefully, they'll adjust & continue growing well with the other "young'ins" that are
growing out in the PA coop. We also moved little Miss Confetti to the PA coop, as
she's been picked on in the SFH coop ever since she stopped raising her chicks.

These aren't Rainbow's, but are about the same size despite being a little older. IMG_4499


Well, it's 6:50 am, and it's starting to get light out. Time to go walk through the morning
"critter chores" with my parents, so they're ready to "hobby-farm sit" next week while I'm in Maine.