September 1st Photo Journal

Yesterday, Mom dusted off her camera and got some great photos of around home, aka, "Paradise in Disguise Hobby Farm". She's a great photographer, and I love her camera's quality. It especially shines in close-ups, but this time the photos are mostly landscapes and broad retrospectives.

The first two are of our home, now that the garden has blossomed and the trim is painted, the deck railings stained.

Welcome to our deck, where we love eating meals and relaxing. 
What a provision from the Lord, we couldn't have asked for a better place. 
And there's hardly any mosquitoes here!

Oxalis - a favorite of mine, from my uncle Keith.
It's thriving here, thanks to the chicken's wonderful compost.

Front entry to the deck, arbor, flowers and gate to keep out Gordon.

Right here, folks, is our "state of the art" garlic drying facility.
Ha ha, it's just the rafters of the covered deck area, and
yesterday evening we took them down & cut off the long stems.

View of the garden and grass paddocks from the road.

Now, I haven't updated on the turkeys recently, but as you can see,
they've been growing quite well, two "jakes" and one "jenny",
as I just learned the proper terms for young turkeys.

Poor "Confetti" the bantam Cochin, after she abandoned her 5 "chicks"
who are now taller than she is, the other standard hens started pecking her
and the SFH rooster was chasing her to mate with her. 
So, I ended up having to separate her to let her wounds heal, as her head 
feathers were pecked off & comb damaged. Here, she looks very small
compared to the turkey jake.

View of the SFH coop & grass paddocks from the back deck.

The turkeys are hilarious, and are quite talkative. Whenever we walk out
on the back deck, they come running and start talking to us, and
if they are without food, they really "complain"!
Here they are getting a bedtime snack.

Last, but not least, Mom & Nancy spent time weeding and harvesting
the garden last night, and here are just some of the potatoes they discovered.

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