Busy Spring

While I have been on the computer and internet, it's mostly been on Backyard Chickens lately.
Partially it's because we're planning on making a trip out to Ava, NY for the 2015 Chickenstock on May 30th. It's the first time we've gone to this annual event, but it should be fun meeting fellow chicken lovers!
To learn more about Chickenstock, visit the thread:

And I've also been on BYC, trying to get a thread started for the Catskill Homesteader Breeding Project:

I've invited quite a few people, but so far, even if they've looked at the thread, I didn't know, as no one has posted beside me. I'm hoping it'll eventually "get off the ground" and others who are raising the Catskill Homesteaders will join me there, posting pictures of their flock, etc.

The other BYC thread I've been following and trying to keep up with is the NY chicken lover thread:

It's quite long and on-going, so if you want to stop on over and say "hi", you don't have to re-read all the posts! Especially if you're from around this area, it would be great for you to join us over there, as there's not too many from this part of NY State. And just FYI, my BYC username is "myfivegirls".

As far as what's been going on here at Paradise in Disguise, trying to work on the garden, fencing, setting up the paddocks, more chicks hatching, etc. But, if I'm to get anything done today, I better publish this post now and get off the computer!

I honestly don't know if anyone is following my blog or not, but if you are, could you post a comment below or "subscribe". Thanks!