Hobby Farm Photo Journal - 5-2-15 Part 2

These are the chicks from the 3rd 2015 Hatch, who are also growing up fast!

Now, if I leave the brooder lid open, they try to fly out, 
which would be death sentence if Gordon was around,
but thankfully he wasn't while I was taking these photos.

This little SFH is the one with the vaulted skull,
as result of breeding crested to crested.
It won't be used for breeding the SFH, but I'm
still growing it out, as I'm curious to see what
it'll look like as an adult.
 Right now, it certainly has a crazy hair-do!
One of the little multi-colored cockerels.
This little cutie is 1/2 SFH, and has little
spots on its head, plus looks to be crested!
It'll most likely lose its "flowers", but at least I
know it carries the gene, if I want to cross it
back to the SFH for a "flowered" CH line. 

Here's the whole "crew" - just put them in a bin,
so I could keep track of who I'd already taken
photos & notes on wingband ID # & gender guess.
Then, they went back to their brooder.