Hobby Farm Journal - 5-6-15

Just a quick update - finally got caught up on posting "Hobby Farm Photo Journals" back through 4-18-15.
Yes, I was quite behind, but photos help "tell the story" easily.

But, I just wanted to write briefly that yesterday, 5-6-15, we finally got to work on the grass paddocks!
The grass has greened up nicely and is ready for the chickens to start being rotated through the paddocks.
As such, I removed the dividing fence between "Dad's Coop" and the "PA Coop", so that both could have grass. The ducks were VERY happy to have fresh greens and quickly set to work "mowing" it! We had moved all the chicks from the shed brooder into the 8x8 pen that's due to be taken apart. But, it was way too hot for those fully feathered chicks in the shed with temps in the 70's. The ducks had fun waddling all the way around there pen, trying to find a way in to eat their food. But, finally they gave up and were content with eating some of the fresh grass and greens. Some of the Dad's Coop hens ventured over, but I didn't see any of the PA Coop over there.
Also set up most of the SFH grass paddocks, or at least enough so that they were able to enjoy some grass in the evening. It's not totally done, but we're making progress, thanks to many helping hands!

Oh, and one of Rainbow's chicks escaped and was loose, outside the fence! Three of us were chasing it around, but Mom finally caught it when it hopped into a milk crate.