One Year Ago vs. This Year

The Bielefelders were still growing out!

One Year ago, Lydia was raising out a bunch of chicks,
and surprisingly, they look about the same age/size!
 Ellie was also broody last year, raising out chicks. She just went broody this past week,
so she has yet to hatch any out, but it's incredible that they're on a similar "schedule".

One year ago, I had one litter of rabbits, and one of them
caught my eye:
She's now full-grown and has a litter of her own,
that are older than she was this time a year ago!

One year ago, we still lived at the log cabin, and we weren't
sure yet if we'd have to move. 

I do miss all the beautiful, established gardens, especially the
lush full creeping phlox. I was shocked when I saw
they'd plowed the snow so far back this past winter
that all the creeping phlox was gone! And about 6" - 12" of 
dirt, gravel & weeds were "dumped" (from plowing the snow) on top of the flower
garden I'd worked so hard on for 11 years!

In contrast, the new flower gardens are slowly coming
up, but since this side of the house is part-shade,
I'm limited what I can grow here.

But, at least we have some beautiful tulips and the
sparse, little "plugs" of creeping phlox are starting to bloom.