Hobby Farm Photo Journal - 5-3-15

I'm trying to get "caught up" with what's been going on here at
Paradise in Disguise Hobby Farm! Warmer weather means we're outside
working on projects, which translates into less time inside! But I have a little time this morning, so I'll share some of the latest photos!

Here's a few photos of the latest batch of chicks - the 6th 2015 Hatch,
which was on 4-30-15 & 5-1-15:

This first one is Confetti, the bantam Cochin's 2nd chick! So adorable!
I love the little fuzz feet, and can't wait to see how this little "chipmunk"
feathers out.

A total of 17 chicks hatched & survived!
Mostly Catskill Homesteaders from "Dad's Coop",
a trio of Bielefelders, and a 1/2 doz of Swedish Flower Hens.
I'll probably grow these out for myself or any
extras will be sold as "started" chicks or pullets.

Except for one SFH chick being raised by "Rainbow",
the broody hen, all the SFH chicks have been sold,
so I thought I'd better keep some, so I can add a few more hens
to my breeding flock!

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